Gosick ep 15: The descending storm

Bearing in mind that mystery has never been one of Gosick’s repertoire, this episode did pull out a lot of substantial developments where we can assume that they form the entirety of Gosick’s main plot. For instance, the involvement of Albert de Blois, Victorique’s father, to the setting of the first world war, as shown in this episode, could even have a relation to the very first episodic mystery of this series: The Queen Berry (or whatever that ship was called) where they antagonists used children to predict which country would win the war. For all we know, the marquis could even be one of that cult’s members, prompting him to seek out the aid of the famous masked alchemist, Leviathan, after the prediction of the war.

While I am lead to believe that Leviathan was simply a theatrical individual that posses no capability of any form of higher alchemy, he did grant the marquis the idea to conceive Victorique by for what ends?

If there’s something that boggles me right now, it would be Victorique’s importance to the marquis’ schemes. Sure, Victorique’s prowess when it comes to analysis and deduction is superb but on what means is she to be used on a grander scale? Could she be used to conceptualize plans and concepts such as the development of nuclear technology or any form of modern machinery used for war? Used to analyze tactics and measures to control countries?

On the bright side, it seems that Brian Roscoe will be on their side and is likely to be a Gray Wolf himself but what is his relationship with Cordellia? Are they friends? Looking at his flashback, he seems to have helped her escape the marquis but leaving Victorique behind. For what purpose did he save her? How does his role have anything to do against the marquis and, likewise, what is Codellia’s involvement aside from conceiving Victorique? What powers do all Gray Wolves posses?

Lastly, this episode disappoints me of Kujou.

He has been annoying for the past episodes and here, when he finally confronts Roscoe, I was hoping he’ll start kicking ass in order to give us the answers but instead, he had his ass kicked. So much for a military soldier’s son!

In the end, this episode is quite stimulating. The revelations as well as the ominous background music as this episode ends gave a nice touch to the upcoming climax of this series. I’m looking forward to how things on a grander scale would place themselves… Til then.


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  1. Kuuki
    Apr 30, 2011 @ 22:23:19

    Obviously, Nakagawa Kotarou is not one of my favorite composer for nothing.

    And I have to admit that this episode left me wondering about a lot of things, the ones you listed but I’m a bit curious about the future role of Avril and more than anything, about Grevil and what he’ll do. Whether he’ll protect Victorique or obey to his father.

    Also, I thought Brian Roscoe could be Corderlia’s brother or a very close childhood friend, like Kujou is to Victorique.


  2. baka~
    May 01, 2011 @ 00:21:57

    The way i’m seeing it, Avril will end up as some minor character for this series. The more interesting question that you raised would be Grevil. It seems that he cannot disobey his father and it looks like he doesn’t see Victorique as his sister but when push comes to shove, will he come at least to Kujou’s side?

    Good analogy there regarding Brian Roscoe and Cordelia resembling that of Kujou and Victorique. Not to mention, both of them have a different colored hair. Perhaps both of Roscoe and Kujou shared a similar fate of isolation during their youth and they chanced upon Cordelia and Victorique.


    • Kuuki
      May 01, 2011 @ 23:01:46

      Avril bugs me, I can see her as a minor character but she’s pretty much ignored by everyone and I wonder what she could do if she was to snap. She can be pretty mean when she does so I don’t know.

      Grevil does seem to have some kind of affection for Victorique, then again relationships between siblings are, more often than not, overly complicated.
      I just he’ll turn out to be a good guy. I like Grevil.

      Well considering the supposed part of Europe Saubure is supposed to be, people with red hairs practically don’t exist. If Roscoe lived his life there (and if this is his natural hair color) he was probably lonely and bullied, even more if he lived in the Gray Wolves village.


  3. Yi
    May 07, 2011 @ 16:15:37

    Agreed. think this arc really picks up the mystery and the story. We have great back story development through solving the Leviathan’s story. A very nice episode indeed.


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