A certain Denpa Onna episode 3

SHAFT's episode 3 magic did it again!

And here I was, thinking if this anime is only for show when episode came and hit me hard. Honestly, is SHAFT planning to hook up fans after every episode 3 like with Madoka Magica? That aside, the biggest surprise in this episode was how much depth each character has. I was actually shocked to see Ryuuko share a meaningful insight when Makoto asked her about mysteries. The same with Maekawa who used religion in her explanation.

The biggest shocker would be Meme though. Despite acting like a total slut ever since episode 1, I’m surprised to see such a serious side of her when it comes to Erio.

She may be the biggest fool for conceiving her without even knowing who the father was but I commend her as a parent for protecting her from society. Even the fact that she gave up on Erio after her accident can be seen as her way of showing how she pampers her. I guess, this is the shortcomings of a parent who bore a child early, the only means she can show her love amidst her inexperience and confusion.

Lastly, I never thought that Erio would be able to snap out from her escapist world so easily. Well, it did cost as much as a bike and Makoto’s arm but it was well worth it especially now that Erio is back to face facts and the reality around her. It also goes without saying that Makoto was a total GAR in this whole episode. He may not be as fiery as Kamijo Touma but he did manage to destroy her illusions.

Now that Erio seems to be fine, I think that the next issue to address would be how she’d cope up with her reality. She just landed from space after all.

Overall, a very good episode for this series with a lot of inspiring lines to pick from.


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