Final Impressions: Madoka Magica

It has been one hell of a roller coaster ride. At first, nobody would even give a shit with this anime not until the episode 3 tragedy happened and it wasn’t long before people jumped in and joined the speculah.

Legends and heroes are born because they did something that stood out and Madoka Magica, being an anime that destroyed the template used as basis for all Mahou Shoujo anime, transcended the norm and became hailed as such. If people wouldn’t have speculated much, we can say, from a fresh perspective, that the story of this anime is solid. From the plots and twists, the intricate character developments, this is definitely one solid anime that delivered enjoyment and thought.

The fact that this anime moved people, made them speculate, anticipate, admire, reflect, on characters, on events, on Faust references and such, proves the power of this anime. It may be outrageous to say, but Madoka Magica shaped the anime community of this generation. Who knows, from legends like these, the standards of new Mahou Shoujo may be born.

Detailing into the technical and my most favorite topic, the seiyuu cast of this anime have made a name for themselves. Even though I rarely hear Ai Nonaka or Kaori Mizuhashi, they made their characters very much enjoyable: The smart-ass, no-nonsense attitude of Kyouko Sakura and even that elegance and grace of Mami Tomoe. KitaEri also surprised me. I rarely get to hear her take on angsty/tragic characters but she did so well portraying the transition of Sayaka Miki’s strength and despair. While I am not 100% fan of Yuuki Aoi’s voice as Kaname Madoka (her ‘kind’ voice sounds like a person with flu), her acting is superb especially starting from episode 10. I don’t know what her strategy is in the seiyuu business but I approve of her strength and professionalism as a seiyuu. Lastly, Chiwa Saito never fails to impress me. I guess her caliber has been tested and tempered with all her experience as a seiyuu. I love her role as Senjogahara from Bakemonogatari but her role as the tragic Akemi Homura was truly amazing. Almost forgetting that that little shit had a voice, coming from behind is Emiri Katou who voiced the annoying Kyubey. While I believe that Kyubey does have the best intentions, he is still annoying and i’d vote for him to die any time. Oddly enough, props to Emiri Katou for making Kyubey what he/she/it is. I guess one of the reasons why Kyubey is annoying is because of his/her/it’s goddamn monotone voice. No matter what the situation of the revelation he pops up, he just says it with the same happy/cute-like voice… It’s annoying dammit!! Again, kudos to Emiri Katou for making it so.

I suddeny had the urge to punch my monitor... whew, that was close!!

Now truth be told, the initial reason that got me into watching this anime are the quality animations. SHAFT anime is really epic and is very pleasing to the eye and the fact that Mami pulled a thousand rifles to nuke her enemy is what I wasn’t expecting…

Then again, I guess Homura outdid Mami as she pulled her own Unlimited Bazooka Works in the finale.

Along with a number of rocket artillery, and pulling out numerous explosions as she unloaded hell to the Walpurgis

Let’s also not forget the musical goodness that this anime delivered. I was doubting as to why the heck ClariS’ Connect was used as this anime’s OP song. It was a warm, kind song that can be seen as out of place in this hellish epic but after seeing the finale, it made sense. You may even think of it as Madoka and Homura’s romance, the lyrics being the embodiment of Madoka’s fate and her message of hope, not just to Homura but to the viewers as well.

And there’s also that spine-shivering Magia which I interpret as Madoka’s resolution to carry all the despair and end it all. Damn, talk about Kalafina goodness!

While the story have answered anything related to the initial plot, with how Madoka reshaped the universe and changed the system, we cannot truly tell if all of this is over. After all, there’s that Kasumi Magica and Oriko Magica that may even be solid sequels of this anime. Besides, the final episode itself left a few final things that’s worth speculating on such as:

Why does he still remember Madoka?

The new type of enemies that they encounter

It is clear that Madoka isn't dead. She's just locked up in God's place or wherever that is for all eternity. Could this mean that she can still get out of there? Is she able to use her powers to look after her loved ones despite them forgetting about her?

Do ALL Puella Magi who disappears after using up their Soul Gem gets to meet Jesus Madoka?

But let’s leave it at that. All the speculah that I have troubled myself with should be put to rest… for this anime at least… Er… rather, for the time being 😀

For those who have watched this anime, were all of you satisfied?


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  1. Tsuki
    Apr 24, 2011 @ 04:28:58

    There are actually quite a few theories and explanations floating around the net with regards to how everything ties together in the end. I actually think this finale did a great job at tying things together.

    It’s quite stunning to see just how much of an impact this series seems to have had on the anime community; something of this magnitude hasn’t happened for a long time, or so I feel. The statement where this completely changes the standards for Mahou Shoujo anime is spot on in my opinion.

    It’s innovative series like this that gives me hope with regards to the anime industry as a whole, where in recent times I’ve been losing confidence in whether Japan could produce any amazing anime. It’s for these truly unique, radically different yet enjoyable series that I love to watch anime.


  2. baka~
    Apr 24, 2011 @ 11:36:41

    It’s innovative series like this that gives me hope with regards to the anime industry as a whole, where in recent times I’ve been losing confidence in whether Japan could produce any amazing anime

    Now that you mention it, watching this series made me forget of the decline of anime. Oddly enough, I’m lead to believe that because of this anime, the industry was able to present better quality for the anime of this season. For instance, even though we can say that SHAFT quality has always been good, I got a feeling that they leveled up their quality as shown in Denpa Onna after doing Madoka Magica. Of course, animation-wise, we have C to deliver such quality and when it comes to story, I am still torn between HanaIro and AnoHana.

    Whether or not evidence of Madoka influencing these works can be found, what matters is, as you said it, this revitalizes hope that Japan can still deliver quality anime.


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