Episodic Highlights: Qwaser ep 2

THIS IS WHY I LOVE YURI!!! (No, not the Angel Beats! character)

As much as I want to post my Madoka Magica draft here, I have yet to watch the episode properly leaving me with anime piled over the week… -sigh- I wonder when AnimeSenshi will start with the XviD?

Moving on, I wasn’t expecting Sasha’s cover and the identity of the Magdala of Thunder to be revealed in just 2 episodes. I guess they plan on tackling so many issues at this point. Now that the Adepts know who their targets are, will Sasha be able to fend off two powerful enemies on his own?

Hmph... acting all high and mighty despite not being the one to defeat him

So the reason why she hits on Tomo was because she's yuri? Never saw this coming

So unless you have your breasts sucked, you won't know how terrible it feels... Yeah... Is Sasha still a guy?


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  1. feal87
    Apr 22, 2011 @ 16:20:39

    Loved the tags…:D


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