If there is nothing to speculate what’s left is to simply enjoy

I always have that firm belief in anime that if you care enough to speculate anything about it, it just shows how you are interested but that doesn’t seem to be the case with Ano Hi Mita Hana no…… AnoHana. As the episode progressed, every speculation formulated was utterly crushed by this anime and I surprisingly realized this as the credits began to roll. And despite my claims of enjoying anime by speculating, I wonder how I was able to enjoy this anime without speculating anything about it.

I guess AnoHana is, in its purest form, an anime that catches people’s interest while leaving them to enjoy themselves. For instance, I enjoy watching Hanasaku Iroha but I see no need to speculate anything about it. It doesn’t dwell on the bizarre or the unexplained such as ghosts or afterlife wishes, it simply revolves in reality. One unique aspect of this episode was that it relies on the bizaare but everything has been explained. We all know who Menma is, what she is, who the ends of the triangles connect to within their group yet… Yet I am enjoying myself and I want to watch more.

On a more technical note, I was surprised that Ai Kayano voiced Menma. She sounded like Aki Toyosaki during her cutesy role as Yui Hirasawa from K-On! so this definitely caught my attention. It’s hard to say how good she is since I have yet to immerse myself from her true acting capability but I do hope that she can balance the drama and light-heartedness of her character. I missed hearing Takahiro Sakurai so it’s nice to hear him again in this anime and not to mention, his role as Atsumu seems to be a mix of an arrogant and spiteful yet brooding character so I am interested how he’ll perform this role. Lastly, I have no issues with the animation. I guess the visuals complement the quality of the conversations between characters adding another reason that I enjoyed this show.

With nothing left worth speculating, I revert to my old self, when I was still a kid who simply watched anime because I enjoyed it and I kinda missed that sensation so I guess it’s surprising for AnoHana to suddenly and effortlessly revert me back to that form on innocence. But a part of me is still worried… With the concept of ghosts and last wishes, will this anime continue to catch my interest despite not speculating anything? Likewise, will other viewers of this anime feel the same way as the episodes progress for this show? What do you think?


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  1. Rei
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 20:28:25

    I loved this episode to bits. It impressed me to the extent I rushed off and blogged episode 1 right then and there. We definitely got a lot of questions and hardly any answers, but that leads to a lot of speculation and what is to come. I think this could be a real contender with Hansaku Iroha if done right as it’s so far going to be emotional and dramatic with bonds, while Hansaku is more about IRL and survival, making the most with what you have — or something XD


  2. baka~
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 20:48:05

    But I was surprised with this anime. I originally had no intention of watching this but after checking positive feedbacks in other people’s blog posts, I was compelled and this definitely caught my attention and yes, this could be a contender against Iroha 😀


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