There’s still hope!!

Hana as Pikasha is... WIN!!!

Removing all that unnecessary bullshit (i.e. doing a cartwheel or dodging shurikens while sucking tits) seem to have made wonders for this anime. Or maybe it’s because of the better video quality? Perhaps the effective comedic combo of Sasha-Hana? It must’ve been the energizing ED song of this anime!

Jita's expression is keeewwwwwt!!!

Whatever the cause was, I simply enjoyed this episode. For the first time, I never saw Qwaser as a hardcore nonsense anime that focuses on fanservice. It seems that they are planning to go back in srsbznz (minus the periodic table of elements) and I hope they keep this sensible pace up.

Not that I want to remove the censoring but I think the ray of light is too thick =/

And what a better way but to kick things off with a hinting of the rivalry between Athos and the Adepts. Back in season 1, iirc, The Qwaser of Gold acted as the leader of the Adepts but after seeing how shit went all over the place, it doesn’t look like the Qwaser of Gold IS strongly connected with his faction. He’s more of a figurehead who’s main objective is to acquire the Theotokos of Tsaritsyn but after his failure, it looks like we’ll be seeing into perspective, the war between these two factions as they race against time and each other in obtaining what would seem to be parts of this ‘High Ancient Circuit’

I wonder if Yuri will enter the fray

With how this episode left a positive impression and seeing that this hasn’t been touched by the manga, I am quite excited on how things would turn out. While I do wish that they get to use the periodic table of elements explanation, I do hope they continue this pacing WITHOUT the bullshit 😀

... Pokemon!

For those who have read the manga and/or watched season 1 and was disappointed, wil lyou give this anime a chance?

What Otonashi and Hinata and even that halberd guy couldn't do in Angel Beats, Sasha did in this episode 😀

NUNNALLY!!! wait! wrong anime?


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