Because shit has never been this good!!

The first season aired on 2009 making it 2 years since I last watched this anime and despite the long time, I wonder how the heck this anime maintains its appeal to me after all those years?

Being a seiyuu fan that I am, my first criteria would always be the quality of seiyuu in an anime and boy, the chemistry of sadist Yu Kobayashi and masochist Sanada Asami is godlike! Not to mention, this is backed up by top tier seiyuu such as Marina Inoue and Miyuki Sawashiro and not to forget, God Sugita. The cast is totally crazy and their professionalism really makes every scene enjoyable.

While some may argue that seiyuu quality would only go as far without a good script, I tend to assume that good seiyuu will always carry the appeal of an anime. Meaning that even if the script is half-baked, if the seiyuu is good, he/she can breathe life to the character they are portraying (best example of this is God Sugita)

With 1/2 of the factor contributed by seiyuu, the other half to complete this analysis of maria Holic’s appeal would be the eye-catching animation. For an all-girl’s catholic school, there’s something… divine… holy about the art designs of the scenery and the characters. It reminds me of those tainted glass artworks in church windows but…

There’s something calm and soothing just by looking at the characters and the environment of the anime. Despite the crazy comedic stints, looking at the designs just makes me feel at home with this anime, suggesting that I should sit back and relax when I watch this show

I can’t say much when it comes to music. Since my preferences border on the crazy and since I assume that the OP animation for their episode 1 was totally, amusingly, bullshit, sung by God Sugita, I just can’t take their music seriously. It’s not that I hate it but it’s more of “I’m too focused on the seiyuu and art designs so I don’t mind the bgm i’m hearing”.

Now that I think about it, I wonder how others perceive Maria Holic back in 2009?


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