The makings of a hero

The first thing that caught my attention with this anime was how this is somewhat similar with that 1999 movie Mystery Men headed by Ben Stiller. In the movie, the real superhero named ‘Captain Amazing’ has been kidnapped and it’s up to our hero-wanabes to save him. What I would like to discuss though was how ‘Captain Amazing’ is strongly similar to the heroes of this anime (more or less).

If my memory serves me correctly, “Captain Amazing” was a hero of legend. He fought various villains during his time and was able to defeat them. With his enemies gone and the city being safe from major threats, “Captain Amazing” simply rode on the popularity. His costume became an amalgam of logos and sponsors (as shown below) and the once “City’s Champion” become nothing more but a living shadow of his former glory.

With nothing left to do but capture small fries, “Captain Amazing” became bored with what his life came to be. Appearing in commercials of Pepsi and such, he longed for the thrill that he once had. In order to take it back, he purposely helped one of the villains escape from prison… And let’s stop with that

For a first episode taste test, this anime left a good impression. For instance, this left me asking what IS needed to be a hero? Does it have to have sponsors? The watchful eyes and the roaring cheers of the masses? the array of costumes and abilities? Even though I already have my answer since I grew up embracing the loner hero who made an impact ever since my youth (Batman, Spiderman), I am curious as to how this anime would portray it.

I mean, does a hero cease to exist being a hero because of old age? Does one relinquish his spirit just because he wasn’t embraced by, basked in the light and warmth of the stage? Or he doesn’t have fans and supporters and endorsers?

Perhaps, there is nothing new about this premise at all. The very answer may even be presented by the image below, albeit expanded and emphasized by the drama that develops throughout the series but still, I simply can’t help but wonder how this anime would deliver its answer to the makings of a hero.

In the end, will this anime be able to maintain its firm grip on my interest or will this end up as a seasonal disappointment?

Misc Notes:

* Did Kotetsu just forget his daughter’s recital?
* The end-of-season after party where Blue Rose was treated like a half-wit by the company president was a frustrating scene; it only shows how people at the top treat superheroes as assets to make more money… er… is he supposed to represent Pepsi’s man-at-the-top?
* Are the villains of this show stage actors or is someone pulling their strings (like that Agnes chick)?

amusing catchphrase per episode anyone?


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