IS episode 12: Should I pray for a season 2?

I think this is Tabane’s way of saying ‘according to plan’

The development in this episode was way out of place. Byakushiki getting a power-up and even Akatsubaki using its special ability to replenish its energy, everything was too perfect that I really didn’t like it but well, to set things straight, in defense of Akatsubaki, I have every reason to believe that it was her sister that prepared that beforehand. For all we know, she could’ve even predicted how the battle would turn out and the specific requirements needed for Ichika and the harem to meet the conditions to win. What I couldn’t understand was that weird dream that Ichika had. Orimura and Shinonono’s conversation later on seem to imply that there’s something that resembles Byakushiki with Shirokishi. Could it be that both machines have a form of consciousness on their own? Being able to respond to their pilot’s will?

Speaking of which, how does an IS undergo second shift? Ichika was able to transform his Byakushiki to Setsura but we can blame all that to having a will of its own but how about the rest? Even Silverio? If that IS was hacked, did Tabane program it that way?

The question from the standpoint of a God

Which leads me to speculate (speculah for IS since Madoka has gone AWOL) that she may even have some grand scheme behind the works here. For one, she manipulated the whole world into believing that only females can operate IS then, according to Chifuyu’s hypothesis, lead Ichika to an IS which was rigged to operate. It’s as if Tabane had a thing against men yet sees hope in Ichika by entrusting to him the ability/privilege to operate an IS. Well, that’s a bit stretching it too far but for what reasons did she lie to the world and for what reasons does her concern for her little sister go so far? Does she genuinely care for Houki or is Houki a pawn to use for her future schemes?

Surprisingly, this episode left more questions than answers but I have to admit that I was disappointed with how the random development flew all over the place. A second season may as well be welcome, if not for the unraveling of the plot, then for more Charlotte… She’s still the ideal waifu 😀

Psh... Samurai you say? Then why are you ninjaing Ichika from the harem?

Nice save Cecilia!

Know your place... er... was that Akashiya Moka's line?


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  1. Psycho
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 09:20:40

    If 8bit studio want to make second season of IS, that mean they must modify the story of next season to back in track. I wonder how will they make up the story so Natasha Fairs will appear in anime. FYI, she is pilot of Silver Gospel according to LN.


  2. baka~
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 22:17:33

    Whoah! I wondered back then what would happen should Ichika manage to destroy an IS, accidentally killing a pilot on-board. Well, from the info you shared, it seems that she’s alive and well… Is she another member to be added to his harem?


  3. Keiri
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 21:13:01

    For one, she manipulated the whole world into believing that only females can operate IS then, according to Chifuyu’s hypothesis, lead Ichika to an IS which was rigged to operate. It’s as if Tabane had a thing against men yet sees hope in Ichika by entrusting to him the ability/privilege to operate an IS

    This makes more sense compared to some of the theories that have been floating around in the past (The ones related to biology were definitely amusing). Seeing as Tabane was the one who designed the IS, I can’t really imagine how and why one of the IS would decide to act on its own and make itself operable by Ichika. Fate and destiny do not seem to play a role in this kind of fairly realistic setting where technology rules and there’s probably no such thing as supernatural elements in this story. With that said, I do ponder over how advance the science is in this world, especially whether the IS’s artificial intelligence system is so advance, it can learn to develop a will and consciousness on its own to choose its pilot. In any case, I’m still on board the theory that everything was a huge conspiracy by Tabane for whatever reasons, good or bad. She’s a genius and the creator of the IS. It’s not surprising if she can fine tune a machine so specific that it can only be operated by one individual regardless of the pilot being a male or female. Perhaps even her quip about not understanding how and why the Byakushiki functions could be a red herring to throw suspicions off.

    And yes, I wonder where Houki, being Tabane’s younger sister, fits into all this. To look at matters in a more positive light, perhaps Tabane’s intentions really included genuine care and concern for Houki and her goal all along only strictly encompassed giving Houki a personal machine and nothing else. She could have rigged the Byakushiki such that Ichika could inherit it from Chifuyu and operate it because she trusts him to protect Houki in the IS school and beyond. On the contrary though, there was that earlier scene of Chifuyu suspecting something amiss with Tabane when the latter suddenly showed up with a spanking new and extremely advance IS. It’s undoubtedly hard not to suspect Tabane for having ulterior motives after witnessing a subtle scene like that. It was almost as if Tabane was trying to show and prove something to a specific audience, and she has no qualms in using pawns to do it.


  4. baka~
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 22:22:11

    in the end, it all boils down to her purpose. in the first place, for what reason did she create IS? if I still remember some scenes, Japan was bombarded by missiles after that only for the country to be defended by “Shirokishi” but why? that scene made me remember the invasion method of code geass but instead of dragging on and going into a full scale world war, why did IS instead became some sort of sport despite its destructive capabilities? fanservice is good but if there is a next season, I hope they address these issues first 😀


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