The worst form of betrayal… This is too painful to watch

... is what I've been saying as I watch this anime... and it's not the kind of expression that I say when I'm happy mind you >:|

Before anything, just to clarify I really love Air Gear. The story is something entertaining, the delivered lines empower out GAR-ness and the artwork is pretty much badass but I really can’t stand how they made the OVA. For 2 episodes I have been utterly disappointed. The seiyuu cast ,despite being powerhouses in their own right felt really lame and, for a seiyuu fan, this is a painful thing to say.

I guess this doesn’t mean that they are the ones at fault. Perhaps, whoever was in-charge of the script should be the one crucified since he/she murdered the verbal content that I enjoyed in the manga and considering that probably, not everyone of the seiyuu involved in this anime ad-lib most of the time, this must’ve caused the delivery of the lines and acting to be lifeless.

Hey, no offense to Okamoto but I really think he should’ve skipped his english lines. Not that it sounded bad but I just noticed how he tries hard to pull out Ikki’s character of awsm as he mentions each word and that made it fail. I guess either he should’ve ad-libbed that or the one in-charge of the script made changes…

And wtf is with Onigiri? Is it a typecast for annoying pigs to have a gruff voice (not that I do really mind here)? It doesn’t sound right since Onigiri needed to be GAR in this arc and what GAR character have ever sounded like a hoodlum or much like evil minion A? FUCK!! (I guess Ryoko Shiraishi sounded fine when she says this as Agito but she doesn’t sound pissed enough… orz)

But voices aren’t the main concern of this rant. My main issue was the direction of the anime. They tried to jam within a 30 minute ova the content of a couple of chapters that everything turned out pretty bad; from the fight scenes to the elements of comedy, the dialogues, to the really important details of the series. Everything was all over the place. So I am wondering what the fuck happened? This is Kogarasumaru vs Inorganic Net after all!! This is one of my most anticipated arcs to be animated so why the fuck am I ranting about it instead of saying praise?!

Despite its faults, if there’s anything, and I mean anything, at all that made me enjoy this episode, it would be Kilik’s antics. It’s not as comedic as the manga and the acting still felt meh but there’s something funny with Kilik as he gets worked up over Rika… I guess, a part of me who read that manga kinda missed that 😀

File References:

[Woodbridge] Air Gear Kuro no Hane to Nemuri no Mori -Break on the Sky- 02 [LQ][480p-AAC][847BFD1E].mkv


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