Image Shout Out: Madoka Magica Edition

In order to keep my sanity, deprived of Madoka for 2 weeks now, I juggle between God Eater Burst, Duodecim and reading Loners' Manifesto... Sadly, this made me forget updating my Madoka images... orz

Top 4 picks for this session:

Top 1: I am no Sayaka fan but this is AWSM!!

Top 2: I find this sexy... maybe it's because of the twig raep... or whatever... orz

Top 3: I want to bind YOU with THAT ribbon Mami-san!! >:D

Top 4: The glowing eyes and the figure makes the Homura in this image very sexy




File References:

Image grabbed from *booru
The images originally came from Pixiv


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