Sucker Punch: A vivid imagery that dwells in the soul

Cover Poster from Wikimedia

It’s been quite some time since we Joes decided to watch a good movie worth watching and we were right on the spot to spend money on this one.



To summarize everything about this movie, Sucker Punch is about escapism. The theme isn’t new, mind you, it’s just presented with modern, state-of-the-art technology that made this movie extremely enjoyable to watch which literally, “makes the viewers ignore the gravity of the plot presented in its general story with stunning visual effects and cool action scenes”.

Thinking about it logically, from my, the viewer’s, perspective, one way to survive hell is to simply go insane. Sure we have seen protagonists overcome hardship over and over with sheer will or power alone but for Sucker Punch where the female lead follows the typical typecast template of frail maidens, there is no other better way for her but to escape in her own mind. At least in there, she can paint her own world. She can write her own script. She can be a protagonist along with her friends who are abused physically and probably, to an extent, emotionally.

This visually deceptive narrative may look mediocre when the plot is understood and realized but the overall appeal of the movie simply bites back. Thinking about it as I write this post, we can safely assume that everything that happened during that escapist world may have actually came to fruition in the story’s realistic setting. Since there are incidents where mental institutions abuse their patients, the viewer, in this case, the realization dawns upon me that perhaps, the entirety of Baby Doll’s reality that have been happening in that mental institute has been concealed conveniently in her escapist plot, eradicating every evidence of that horrible reality to the viewers making us escape with her as we submit ourselves and be mesmerized by her vivid adventures.


Sucker Punch is a good movie that’s worth every penny. The visuals are the best quality that I have seen so far for this year, the music literally kicks ass, and the twist is one enjoyable mindfuck. Watch it and enjoy.

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  1. MkMiku
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 04:56:10

    I think you convinced to go watch this movie. I’ve been psyched for months, but when one critic said it was the worst movie of the year, I started to have doubts. x.x


  2. Keiri
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 12:49:22

    Hur… I haven’t watched a Hollywood style movie for years but the appeal of the psycho oddity behind the premise of this story may just lure me. That and I’m considering hunting down the Japanese version of Sucker Punch in the future just to listen to the Sphere girls dub the voices of the characters (Kotobuki Minako – Baby Doll; Toyosaki Aki – Blondie; Takagaki Ayahi – Amber; Tomatsu Haruka – Rocket) = Amusement Time ahahaa 8D. A mindfcuk movie? Count me in…and I guess I have to watch Inception at some point too. >.>


  3. baka~
    Mar 27, 2011 @ 13:23:25

    when one critic said it was the worst movie of the year, I started to have doubts

    Maybe i’m just easily pleased by these things that other, serious critics deem mediocre but I think it’s best if you watch it yourself… well, if you don’t like the story, at least I hope you had fun with the visuals and music 😀

    Baby Doll; Toyosaki Aki – Blondie; Takagaki Ayahi – Amber; Tomatsu Haruka – Rocket

    I think I saw this in cowboybibimbop’s soup… kinda made me envious >_<

    I guess I have to watch Inception at some point too. >.>

    er I haven’t watched that yet… I forgot to grab a copy from my pals… orz


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