Manga Shout Out: Medaka box ch 90

Because understanding others can be a pain

Talk about literally putting yourself in one’s shoes. Unlike Zenkichi’s parasite eyes which enables him to ‘see’ how a minus or others view the world, Kumagawa transforms any Plus into a Minus, giving to him/her his thoughts and feelings as well as any battle damage he took.

This is finally the resolution that i’m looking forward to. True enough, the world sucks as it is. People get discriminated, their feelings trampled on but in the end, it all boils down to one’s perspective of the world. Sure, Kumagawa may have transformed Medaka into a minus but where Kumagawa looks down on the world and others, Medaka is there to support them, as seen in her duties and activities as student council president.

With Medaka being able to overcome Kumagawa’s minus, how will Kumagawa react? will he finally open his eyes and change himself or does he have a darkness far deeper and darker hiding up his sleeve?

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Images from Mangareader


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