Oreimo ch 20: Now this is one bad kitty

This was after Kuroneko won the Siscalypse contest, giving the reward to Kirino

I do not know how faithful the manga is with the light novel but seeing as this is my only means of following every bit of detail not presented in the anime, I’m gonna take my chances and see this manga as “the one closest to the truth”

And true enough, there are certain elements presented in the manga that was left out in the anime ( probably due to production constraints ) that details character development, portraying our characters in a more radiant glow. To address what this post is about, this is to vent our my frustration during the summer comiket episode where, upon reading this chapter, we get to understand how much of an asshole Kirino really is and how, remembering that episode in the anime about her scoring big on her light novel, makes me feel really sad for Kuroneko.

Kirino, being jealous that Kyousuke managed to help Kuroneko with her goods, decided to get back at her by going after something personal. Just to note, it wasn’t her fault to begin with!

Why can’t Kyousuke show this impartial badassery in the anime?! WHY?!

I really loved how everything backfired on Kirino’s face!! FINALLY!!

It’s about time Kyousuke ACTED LIKE THE BIG BROTHER HE IS!!

In the end, Kirino seems to have learned her lesson thanks to Kyousuke’s Big Brother mode and have made amends to Kuroneko by…


… giving advice to her to take care of herself.

See! If Kyousuke only had balls in the anime, he’d probably be so much better.


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