Seikon no Qwaser ch 27: It’s taking months before it gets good X_X

So after what felt like years (it’s actually months) of not getting a dose of translated Qwaser, here comes chapter 27 just before the year ends and true enough, we get a clash between Katja and Tasuku as the two almost fell for the enemy’s plot… if it weren’t for Alex Mercer Sasha who figured the obvious and went to show off his mastery of being able to reach the 4th level of utilizing the iron in his blood by becoming Spawn… Wonder how long i’d have to wait for the next translated chapter ~_~

Unlike Alex Mercer who is a walking bmf who can gear himself up with... er... the Blacklight virus, I'm really curious as to how much blood Sasha has in his small body to be able to gear himself in this image 😕

File References:

Images grabbed from Mangareader and Giantbomb


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