Seikon no Qwaser ep 20-24: DRINKING IT IN ONE GO!!!


watching the last few episodes made me nauseous.

so it basically wraps up the entire fucked up series that perhaps took along with it the manga popularity as it descended to hell and shitstorm plots filled with fanservice and epic fail of proportions. honestly, if somebody mentioned that they liked this show not because of the voice actors or the OP/ED songs or character singles then there’s definitely something wrong with them.

Just to mention, two things that I really liked were Hikasa Yoko’s slapstick comedy and fetish documentaries as well as the series’ 2nd OP entitled Baptize by Yousei Teikoku (listening to it every episode prepares me mentally of the hell that i’ll be putting myself into)

oh and just to note, I read that there was an OVA on the works that narrates the manga’s Imperial Princess chapter, narrating Katja’s story… I wonder if i’ll ever watch that… unless they actually tried to follow the manga for once.


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  1. Rei
    Jul 18, 2010 @ 19:53:55

    *Stares at all the screenshots in disbelief*
    Should I just drop the series at 15 (I just survived the awful Sasha onanoko arc)? LOL My GOD what HAVE they done to this series? “Your breasts are yours alone!” LOOOOOOL WHAT. Is that some form of… pep talk? LOL that’s so fail. *facepalm*
    And what’s with the gender bendering at the end….!?!?!? O.o did he hit his noggin again?


    • baka~
      Jul 18, 2010 @ 22:21:49

      I really have nooo~ idea as to what happened in the end since i’ve reached my limit and just flew past the scenes until that episode happened and I don’t think he hit his noggin again since this time, sasha had a female voice

      and yes, please save yourself from this hideous adaptation of qwaser… there are a lot of better anime out there especially this season X_X


      • Rei
        Jul 19, 2010 @ 00:11:50

        “I don’t think he hit his noggin again since this time, sasha had a female voice”
        Think I should drop it, but maybe after I see Katja’s railgun xP Oh, btw, you have a MAL account? What’s your user I’ll add you :]
        The only thing I enjoyed from this series are the character songs – esp Jusin, Piksasa!! and Passionate Squall. Those are things I can loop 😀

      • baka~
        Jul 19, 2010 @ 01:14:53

        you want to see the railgun rip off? well… i guess you’ll blow up after seeing what they did to that X_X

        my MAL’s link on the right of my homepage but just search edgewalker00 😀

  2. Hiems
    Jul 18, 2010 @ 21:17:26

    Maybe Katja has a small breast fetish… Hurp.

    Hana is my favourite character, and Hikasa Yoko is my favourite voice actress, so I can totally see why her appearance would save you. Are her parts worth watching it for, though? It looks super la~me. >:I


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