Seikon no Qwaser ep 14: The idiocy of Tsujidou Miyuri

So skipping a few chapters off the original manga serial, we finally get to see this personally annoying episode that centres on Miyuri. While this actually makes sense in the manga as to why she’s melancholic in the first place, they just slapped this episode as another fanservice to the series which I obviously detest considering how much unnecessary fan service they have been slapping in every episode. It’s definitely one absurdity after another with Sasha dressing like a trap, Miyuri shooting beams from her tits, and Hero training that took a day or so, exhausting Miyuri just to remove the elemental circuit.

While Tasuku and Mutsumi have been shown in this episode, I sincerely hope they won’t get in the way of the Battle Royale that begins next episode. Manga chronology, these two should’ve appeared some time after the battle against Ootori, making them the Qwasers of the current arc. And with good reason at that since it has been a common trend that stronger villains would always appear, one after another.

The crest only gave a boost in physical powers... so there was actually no need for the Tit Blaster in the anime


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  1. Hiems
    Apr 30, 2010 @ 19:05:57

    …Hahaha, just the screencaps make me laugh, hahahahahahahfkjasfsg


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