Seikon no Qwaser ep 13: Heading to the unknown

Aside from the new op/ed this week, we also get to see, not also fresh new faces but familiar personalities as well, as the series turns to its supposed climax. The series is actually touching parts of the manga which I have no idea of/have not been fully covered so as we venture into the unknown, the spoilers may lessen dramatically.

this episode is actually quite good for a filler. Whether or not Nikuma is an anime-only character or would appear later on in the manga, I could care less. Her very presence in the episode tickled my funny bones as she strongly reminded me of Arakawa UtB’s Sister but her status fits her gender unlike the latter.

The only downside is that this part of the series as well as the preview depicts that the anime may be skipping some parts off the manga as well as editing how the story would progress. I don’t know how I would react on this. For one, it seems that they plan on giving a final battle royale between Athos qwasers and the adepts where it will be everybody’s ball game. I would be spoiling the original setup as how it went in the manga since I doubt this will still be happening over the course of this new narrative: Originally, it was Ootori vs Adepts, Lizzie & Teresa vs Sasha, Ootori vs Katja & Sasha vs Qwaser of Gold but since it was shown in the preview of this episode the appearance of Taisuku and Mutsumi, which should’ve occurred after the battle royale mentioned above, I really have doubts as to what happens later on though, I do hope they narrate the following events well. They should at least give this series a good ending.

Still on the issue, they also spoiled the return of Aoi Kuchiba. Honestly, this anime series removes the element of surprise by slapping the obvious in the ending animation which is one of the good points of the manga since it keeps readers anticipating and reacting to whatever would happen. I’m also wondering why Sister Wilma was there. Could they plan on reviving her using Paracelsus’ technologies? Ah whatever, the anime version aside, I believe they plan on skipping Katja’s manga arc which definitely sucks since we finally get to see a side of Katja the anime didn’t show.

Since onemanga is doing some spring cleaning, manga references of qwaser will come from mangafox

Out of my deep respect for Katja, I’m obliged to at least spoil what her back story is like since I doubt they have enough time to animate this

Since onemanga is doing some spring cleaning, manga references of qwaser will come from mangafox

Womanly charms are... the worst :p

Hana continued her role to become the Queen of Delinquents in order to keep things in check as well as gather info against the adapts... much like what she did during the Atomis arc

Despite their 'agency', Athos still had to handle small fry cults

Quite a shocker for Katja to bring up family values

Idk but I may be fooled to believe that Katja was smiling sincerely here with the thought of making friends


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Hiems
    Apr 30, 2010 @ 02:23:33

    This episode made Hana even more of my favourite character, but Katja is hilarious too.

    I love how she gets bullied by Katja in like, every scene. Especially the pillow throwing.


    • baka~
      Apr 30, 2010 @ 12:19:59

      they really have good synergy. i guess, what makes them more dynamic in the anime is how aya hirano and hikasa youko works well together.


      • Hiems
        Apr 30, 2010 @ 18:19:33

        Haha, Hikasa’s work in this is pretty awesome. You have to admire how professional the seiyu are. @_@

    • baka~
      Apr 30, 2010 @ 18:50:03

      Despite being new ever since K-On! she’s making herself a name… though, it would be nice if she gets famous, not just because of her lewd acting as Hana.


      • Hiems
        Apr 30, 2010 @ 19:06:28

        I really like the way she acts, so I’d like it if her talent and not her roles was acknowledged, too.

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