Seikon no Qwaser ep 12: Not imba… still nerfed

so the writers finally decided to make Sasha look badass by having him lose gratuitous amounts of blood but despite the epicness of chanting the ‘Sword of Fresh Blood’, they still nerfed him early on by having to suck on Mitarai’s DFC… And I was really hoping he’d get to show more of his skill in this episode as what i’ve spoiled previously in the manga reference of ep 11 but nope, they just made his scythe look… bigger… it’s not even badass looking! And with no explanation as to how it became cold, Sasha froze mercury as if it’s an innate thing he could do. I would’ve liked it if even they made him explain, even ambiguously, how he made his iron vibrate to cool the temperature but nope, they just decided to slap things in. Also, Miyuri definitely justifies herself in this episode. Her saving act previously in the manga/anime when terrorists came to steal the ‘Egg of Anastasia’ and how she ‘begged’ to be held hostage in this episode just to show off her ‘responsibility’ very much makes her HYPOCRITICAL!! but I guess it’s expected though for some reason, in her defense, I didn’t like how the writers have been writing her character for this anime. It’s as if they’re intentionally slapping her the hypocrisy tag and making her character quite the bitch that you would expect while she’s not even this evil in the anime when compared with her manga counterpart.

Notice how Sasha needed to coil his chain around the mercury to cool it. Despite his skill, there are still limitations with his power

Quite the background we have here. The battle between Qwasers struggled for a long time after all

The veil was actually a visual imagery to make the scene more dramatic. There was no need to make it fall from a hanging part of the building on top of Mafuyu

Quite the messy translation but an epic scene is still epic

In the anime, Katja bound Eva while in the manga, she mercilessly impaled her

Not contented and to take some of the epicness off of Sasha, she tore(?) her to bits

Were they previous comrades?


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