Seikon no Qwaser ch 22-23: It’s time for the second part of the play

It would be easier if I would say that this chapter marks the start of Book II of Qwaser. But before anything, thanks to ForTheHalibut for their manga translations. Now idk if the anime will reach up to this point but with how things are progressing on that end, I presume they will.

We finally get to see new faces as the plot thickens as Sarui Su nears its awakening. Even if I have read 23 chapters of the manga, it seems that its whereabouts is still unknown. Those involved or interested with it seem to be relying on ‘signs of the stars’ and whatever fortune cookie they might think of but so far, things has been going ‘according to plan’ as the prophecy Ootori mentioned with the Qwaser of Gold seems to be right on the spot (Sasha’s evolution to the 4th stage and the marking of the Swords Maria)

I would also like to point out how good the transitions were between books. On the first book, chapters 1-21, I was really immersed with the development of the characters and the story. It literally sucked me in the world of Qwasers, the war that revolves around them, its harshness and beauty, and the destiny that was inherited by Mafuyu and Tomo. In the second book, we get to see a transition of characters and attitude. Sasha seems to have soften up after receiving Ootori’s precious lesson, Mafuyu has been pulled deeper in the conspiracy and decided to take her stand and fight her battles (do note that Mafuyu at Book I fights to protect Tomo who have been affected with the Golden Nail. Mafuyu in Book II fights to save Tomo from the adepts), Hana also gains a personality change, seemingly becoming close to Sasha and Mafuyu. As of recent chapters, I hardly recall Teresa and Lizzie make their appearance but I do want to see the both of them. With how things have been set up, it seems that Mafuyu has been Sasha’s Maria while Lizzie has been partnered with Teresa though that’s only my assumption.

But introductions and thoughts aside, one of the reasons I decided to blog this chapter was after seeing Mafuyu use her Swords Maria. I really don’t know the technicalities revolving around it but as what Sasha mentioned, she half-assedly activated a half-assed circuit, making me wonder as to how strong Mafuyu can become if she masters the use of her power. Likewise, since Tomo had the other half, will she be able to manipulate the power of the seal considering her pacifistic nature? This also makes me think as to how powerful the seal is once combined and who are the other groups interested in obtaining it as it seems that the Qwaser of Gold isn’t the only one beginning to move. It looks like the Vatican and other adepts are on the roll. I saw some RAWS from mangahelpers and I do hope they get to be translated soon. Just thinking how much of the story has progressed excites me XD


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