Chu-Bra ep 8: Traces of the Past

Nayu may be shaping her generation the awareness that is required by her time but let us not forget the footprints left by her grandmother. If there’s anything that I liked in this episode, aside from hefty amounts of fanservice, it’s how Nayu’s efforts are reflected by what her grandmother achieved back in her days. No, i’m not talking about the cunnilingus scene, i’m talking on how Nayu’s grandmother changed the views of the innkeeper during her youth. It was a simple conversation that sparked when Yoko noticed the waitress’ bra strap but that event changed the young lady’s view completely. Likewise, the same happened with Tamaki-sensei when she finally realized how her views changed just by being with them. As for Nayu and Kiyono, despite their differences, their combination works marvels as reflected on Tamaki-sensei. By adding beads to her swimsuit, Nayu was able to emphasize Tamaki-sensei’s womanly body. By suggesting to put on make-up, Kiyono emphasized her womanly charms. Tamaki-sensei is still rough around the edges but with these girls’ help, she’s becoming more and more effeminate.

As for Komachi, kudos for not hitting Nayu twice in a row (or was it thrice?). Despite that achievement, he’s still retarded all-throughout the episode but it can’t be helped since he’s like Jin Mikiya from Kannagi, aka “too pure-pure boy”.

Story-wise, I guess the final conflict in this series would be the cultural festival. I wonder what they’ll pull off during that major event. An event as grand as that would definitely have tight security. With Tsukamoto-sensei around, will they be able to pull it off? Imo, whatever the UAS is planning, they need to have backing in order for it to become successful and what better backing is there but from the underwear company where Keigo and Nayu’s grandma works


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  1. Keiri
    Mar 04, 2010 @ 00:12:27

    Despite the meme on guys, even I wonder if by seeing bras from drenched girls is a turn on

    From the front, maybe?

    HOLY SH- *Nosebleeds a waterfall*

    That was one hell of a *very* cleverly animated scene involving positions.

    You should’ve brought shorts

    Bah, Komachi’s decision to wear that micro brief didn’t make sense imho. If he was soooo concerned over having it exposed to the girls, then why did he wear it? Why didn’t he just wear the shorts he wore during the day and told Nayu that he forgot his swimwear? Ego? :p

    Good observations in pointing out the similarities between Nayu and her grandmother’s views of underwear. Perhaps I shouldn’t be calling them similarities because Nayu is doing things based on her grandmother’s ideals after all but it’s still great to see her take an independent stance every now and then. Also despite the rivalry between Nayu and Kiyono, I definitely enjoyed how both of them had a passion to help others in their own way and the best part is that they produced the same beneficial results.

    Additionally, I really like the message conveyed by Yoko through the inn keeper regarding the image of working women. I suppose it’s true in many cultures where social status is apparent, the higher class people tend to have a conventional view of those below them especially wrt public image, so it’s pretty inspiring to see her project the message of working women being able to dress up the way they always have without making themselves look of graceless standards.


  2. baka~
    Mar 04, 2010 @ 01:24:30

    If he was soooo concerned over having it exposed to the girls, then why did he wear it?

    agreed. i doubt there are hardly any regulations in japan when it’s forbidden to wear shorts on the beach. besides, wearing briefs like those and acting f*cked up when seen isn’t helping the manly image either. and to top it off, there’s no excuse that he can’t get better swimwear considering they bought one for tamaki-sensei on a local store… or wherever.


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