Umineko Naku Koro Ni ep 23: Open up a can of whoop ass for the best character award!

Despite the slow start, this episode had many revelations (including Gaap’s attire). for one, the mysteries of the letters sent to the family members of the servants that worked with the Ushiromiya. im beginning to think that Beatrice intends to pass on the curse to whoever will claim the money. after all, kinzo must’ve started that way, i guess. god thing none of them dared touch it. i was curious though as to what ange found at the captain’s house. she was so startled with whatever was inside that sack.

on the good side of things i never knew that jessica and george learned martial arts. i really liked how i was deceived by their answers. for one, the first answer they put off was the answer of an individual who things of nothing but their own wishes. the real answer they gave off was that of a head, planning to take on the responsibility had tons of sacrifices at stake. even though george realized such sacrifices, he knew how to take responsibility. if george showed off responsibility as a virtue, jessice must’ve represented courage. a leader need not only have responsibility. for people to follow you, one must have courage and effort, it’s interesting how, despite their difference in opinion, george and jessica manages to make their ends meet. they might be getting the upper hand in this episode but let’s not forget that these are demons they are facing. Ronove and Gaap won’t go down without spilling blood on their enemies. As for battler and maria, im curious as to what kind of test they would have. battler seems to be physically weak with such things so i doubt it would be a physical competition. maria’s a witch and i have a feeling that a showdown with ange is more appropriate for her.

despite not having any beato service today, i indulged myself on gaap. thinking back, i wonder which suited her more, her current voice or the loli one (nosebleed). well, the siestas made an appearance though i really can’t help but think that they lack appeal. compare them with the stakes who does some quirky remarks every now and then and there won’t even be a competition. i honestly hope the siestas would get to have a fanservice episode. if not in this season then on the next, if there will be one.


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  1. Keiri
    Dec 06, 2009 @ 01:19:22

    help… im losing blood!!! (as of this moment, Gaap > Lucifer)

    I still prefer moe moe long, dark and sultry hair. :p

    But uhh yeah, Gaap’s attire was a shock. O_O

    When you see someone dressed in something Victorian/gothloli, you’d usually expect them to cover everything up. I can understand the long slit on the side of her skirt (coz if not, we wouldn’t get to see some awesum roundhouse kicks and panchiras) but I don’t get the split to the side of her upper dress. Oh right, boob fanservice.

    Other than that, I too was caught by surprise wrt George and Jessica’s answers, and in a way, they are a good representation of the kind of leaders they would make – George: rational in his goals, firm in his responsibilities wrt his decisions; Jessica: empathetic to those around her, brave enough to even sacrifice her own life. Yet, I wonder what kind of qualities Kinzo seeks in his grandchildren when he decides the next heir. I can’t help but assume George would be the kind of person Kinzo would pick seeing as to how the former was so quick in his decision to antagonize the rest of the family for the sake of love. His answer was more interesting than Jessica’s if I do say so myself.


    • baka~
      Dec 06, 2009 @ 01:36:16

      His answer was more interesting than Jessica’s if I do say so myself.

      i too would go with george. or maybe it’s the way the scriptwriters presented his answer that made it interesting. well, both of them basically meant the same thing but george presented his faux answer straightforwardly. jessica added some drama a bit before opening the lid of ass whuppin. i do think that kinzo would choose george since they both share the same passion when it comes to their loves but let’s not forget that we have an intellectual bastard that still haven’t received his test yet. it would honestly shock me if battler entered a physical bout and managed to emerge victorious. since i believe in his incapability to fight physically i guess the battle would be of wit or he gets to show off his IMBA magic resistance that he doesn’t even know of and would make them surrender instead by showing the futility of their actions against him.

      even though i kept on saying it like a broken recorder, the last few episodes of umineko excites me deeply. there are so many things that seem to be left unsettled so im worried on how they would end it or would make it look like a season 2 will be coming up. i guess i get too attached in especially good animes. well, umineko might not be the best in this season but it certainly rivaled bakemonogatari in my preference


  2. violinkit
    Dec 06, 2009 @ 03:21:50

    I wish we could’ve got to hear Battler’s answer as well…I forget if he’s asked the same questions in the VN :/ My memory says no since he’s questioned by Beatrice instead…

    Oh right, I remember now – since he doesn’t have a “Dearest” one on the island, he doesn’t get to answer the same test.

    I really do wonder what it would’ve been o_o


  3. baka~
    Dec 06, 2009 @ 19:03:34

    hmm… now that’s an interesting pace of story. since you seem to have experience in playing the VN game, may i ask if the anime series have been faithful so far and if the game got translated by somebody?


    • violinkit
      Dec 14, 2009 @ 08:22:17

      Oh you poor deprived soul! Make your way over to for the full translated patch for episodes 1-4! Though the actual game you’ll have to look for via torrent sites :T

      As for the anime – I used to look down on it quite a bit, but nowadays I tend to fault it a lot less. It’s really hard to adapt something of Umineko’s magnitude (content wise) into a successful anime since a lot of the game is very long stretches (albeit interesting) of dialog and internal monologues, such that the only real way to capture the feel of the game would be to include them, and that is simply impossible :T There have also been some additions in terms of “dramatic effect” (like having tears in Shannon’s eye after she was killed in Arc 1) and stuff but none that would really alter the crucial aspects of the game. Overall, it’s more of a barebones adapation of Umineko that follows it fairly faithfully, and I highly recommend you to download it and read it x)

      And on a final note: I hope you don’t cringe too much at the art, having been SPOILED SO DELICIOUSLY by MOEMOE LUCI-NEE and KAWAII-DESU NO Beato, with tastey INOUE MARINA as Jessica and hawt Ami Koshimizu as BAT-SHIT INSANE Rosa. The only character sprite that looks better than the anime is probably Battler, as his character design in the show is truly, tremendously HORRID.


  4. Keiri
    Dec 07, 2009 @ 00:08:04

    but george presented his faux answer straightforwardly

    I wonder though if his answer is really faux. Then again, he can choose whoever he wants to kill first so I guess it’s a win for him if he kills all of the supernatural beings. Yet, I wonder if him being acknowledged by Kinzo requires Kinzo to be the last man standing? That means George would still need to kill his family members.

    let’s not forget that we have an intellectual bastard that still haven’t received his test yet

    Ah yes! Battler!

    Why do I get the feeling he displays more authority than even George? I agree about the possibility of him being untrained in martial arts like George and Jessica but yes, he does have that imba magic resistance. And not to mention that lethal brain of his. Man’s greatest weapon is his mind after all.

    violinkit’s revelation does intrigue me. It’s obvious George and Jessica are placed at a great disadvantage for having someone they love in addition to their family members so I’m curious about the kind of question Battler will be presented with and whether the answers will be as equally difficult to choose compared to George and Jessica’s.


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