Then there was Scrooge…

Man, I wished they animated Scrooge’s story instead of Shu’s… Dammit! So I wonder, did he and Carol die by the end of the game? They’re nowhere to be found during the events of Guilty Crown after all.

FUCK!! I teared up after seeing the dog die like this! GODDAMMIT!! Well, it did provide a powerful void but still, I feel sorry for the little guy ;_;

Embrace the past and welcome the future



Because we lean on each other despite the dividing wall



Dinner is served!

Spoilers ahoy!


Because stupid ideas run wild

After being inspired by a thought-provoking post I decided to take this opportunity to look back at my roots as a blogger.

God Eater Seiyuu Cast

Because I have nothing better to do than appreciate Seiyuu awsmness



i admit that my balalaika pales in comparison with this great work. this sent me lots of chills, headaches and laughs but in the end, i still wonder how the f**k len and kaito were able to dance on the same stage. i think this is too good to be an edit ~_~

oh and…


I WANNA SO WATCH THIS and hopes that moetron subs this >.<

[PSP] Project Diva – Balalaika

my first take on the Rhythm Game Editor of Project Diva. forgive the major setback in this PV such as the crappy resolution and color quality due to encoding (since my PC sucks, quality drop is a given) and the lipsync timing (very difficult).

Song: Balalaika

Artist: Kirari Tsukishima

Anime: Kirarin Revolution

Video Capture Tool: RemoteJoyLite

Codec: Full Frames(Uncompressed)

Compression Tool: SUPER

  • video output/codec: avi/MPEG-4
  • audio output: mp3

Video Editing Tool: Camtasia Studio

Video Codec used: Xvid MPEG-4

regardless of what people say, i’m proud of this first project of mine XD

Remember Hell… Self note for future project diva and psp game recordings

These are the steps that i did in making a PV using Project Diva’s Rhythm Game Editor. Of course, i’d refer to this if ever there is a need for me to post a record of other gameplays.

Oh and find the tools mentioned yourself or check the guides for links.

People are like stages in a rhythm game

as i was playing my hatsune miku project diva with the attempt of unlocking meiko’s swimsuit, I suddenly realized that reaching out to others, establishing a connection (or bond if you will) is like a rhythm game.



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