Intelligent Life Form?!

Welcome to the hell known as FRIENDZONE

Here I was expecting that Ichika was some sensitive intelligent life form, easily being capable of grasping basic human emotions… Turns out this episode was full of misunderstandings…

Talk about being trolled

15 episodes and still a wuss

It’s already 15 episodes and Yuki still hasn’t found where the fuck his balls are unlike a certain Ouma Shu

But hey, at least we finally have these two enter the game. If anything, they’d at least taught Yukiteru how to make his own balls instead of looking for them.

I just can’t get it out of my head!! Ka ka~


So that wraps up Generation 1

I totally forgot the name of this mobile suit but whatever it was, it simply brought shame to Psycho Gundam and Kshatriya


Not just your ordinary bitch!



Now THIS is how GC should be!!

It's Legen... wait for it...


But how did Shu know that mindless moron B’s Void is a thrown weapon?

WHO THE FUCKING CARES! This anime is full of inconsistencies anyways!



Not sure if logic fail…

So they’d rather involve humans in a never-ending cycle of battle between Crimson Denizens and Flame Hazes than make a new world where no humans would be involved? I’m not sure if Flame Hazes stand with or stand against humanity… That or i’m just pretty stupid to understand what Centerhill just said. =/

When all hope is lost…


Aki Toyosaki as Kurokami Medaka?! WHAT THE-


I love Aki Toyosaki! She’s a great seiyuu and very much talented but I really can’t bring myself to imagine her voicing Kurokami Medaka. Sure, she did dojikko, deranged bitches, and even sexual sluts but to take on the role of such a powerful character, I can’t even imagine this! Well, I am pretty much interested in how things would turn out but I simply did not see this coming and I can’t even imagine Medaka being voiced in-character by THE Aki Toyosaki. The moment she opens her mouth I instantly imagine Hirasawa Yui X_X

I guess I have to wait and see how this would turn out =/

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